Tablet PC Ramos W10 Already Available on ChiniStore!


Already introduced in October on ChiniTech, the tablet PC Ramos W10 completes the range of Ramos. Within this range, the tablet PC Ramos w7 and Tablet PC Ramos w9 have already been commercialized and are naturally present on ChiniStore. The tablet Ramos W10 fits like a high-end version of the Ramos w9, in fact, the tablet PC Ramos W10 has a ARM Cortex A9, more powerful, and has 512MB DDR2 instead of 256MB for the Ramos W9. In addition, this configuration allows it to easily support 3D games and videos to 1080p. The Chinese tablet PC also has a HDMI output and a battery capacity of 3750mAh, allowing it to take about 6 hours. The thickness of the tablet Ramos W10 is 1.2cm, hence thinner than the W9. In addition, it operates under Android 2.2 Froyo.

I would just add that Ramos, who is originally a Chinese brand which is more specialized in MP4 players has perfectly anticipated the soar of tablets, with innovative and great products, Ramos has in China a strong brand image and quality image.

If you are interested in the tablet Ramos W10, it is available on Chinistore here: Buy Tablet PC Ramos W10

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